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B2B Service

Please email us to overseas@toun28.com

TOUN28 welcomes any kind of global overseas
partnership or import inquiries.
We will make our movement globally.
We will do our best to benefit people in the world
and the whole environment.
The coolest humankind for our planet
The TOUN28 crew acts for the healthy beauty of me and the environment.
Natura Project
Community that creates a healthy culture with nature
Deliver New Experience with Green Custom Amenity
Eco-friendly amenities of an eco-friendly glamping resort that received an Architect Award for modernizing the nature and culture of Korea
Make a sustainable future. Act with TOUN28
If you want to release your products to our subscription Crew? Contact now!
To present a custom gift
Unity Korea, a global developer platform manufacturer
Never changing values, we act to share values.
Plastic pump containers are used for a limited number of donations or large hospital organizations.
The Joseph Clinic is a charity medical institution associated with the Catholic Social Welfare Society of Seoul that cares for the poor, sick, alienated and abandoned people of society.
We hope you get well soon with TOUN28 Amenity.
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Amenities, group orders and other alliances.

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TOUN28 Inc., collect and use personal information for the following purposes, and do our best to safely handle the member’s personal information.
TOUN28 Inc., collect and use personal information for the following purposes, and do our best to safely handle the member's personal information.

1. Use of collected information
- To check and answer partnership Inquiries

2. Information collected
- Name, email address, telephone number

3. Period for retention and use of personal information
- The company destructs personal information of users without delay when: the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved; the legal or management needs are satisfied; or users request: Provided that, if it is required to retain the information by relevant
(Korea) laws and regulations, the Company will retain member information for certain period as
designated by relevant laws and regulations. The information to be retained as required by
relevant laws and regulations are as follows:

・ Record on consumer complaint or dispute treatment: 3 years (The Act on Consumer Protection in
Electronic Commerce)
・ Log record of users such as internet/data detecting the place of user connection: 3 months(The
Protection of Communications Secrets Act)
・ Other data for checking communication facts: 12 months (The Protection of Communications
Secrets Act)

4. Users’ right to access and option
- The users or their legal representatives, as main agents of the information, may exercise the following options regarding the collection, use of personal information by the Company:

・ exercise right to access to personal information;
・ make corrections or deletion;
・ make temporary suspension of treatment of personal information; or
・ request the withdrawal of their consent provided before

5. Staff responsible for managing personal information
- The staff of the Company responsible for managing personal information is as follows:

Name of staff responsible for managing personal information: Maria Jung
Dept. : TOUN28, HQ, Korea
Contact : ask@toun28.com

The latest update date: 1st May, 2020

Overseas Inquiry
Domestic B2B Inquiry (Korea)
E-mail ask@toun28.com Tel +82 70-4177-0151