A decisive choice for yourself and the environment

Like balanced diets <br class="d-block d-md-none"> make a healthy body, <br> Balanced ingredients <br class="d-block d-md-none"> make healthy skin

Solid Shampoo Bar

Preservative, Surfactants Free
Solid Shampoo Bar

4 types of solid shampoo bars that keep your scalps/hair stay healthy with natural treatment.

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pH balancer

The end of face cleansing, the start of the basics
Healthy skin balance

An organic slightly acidic toner that will balance the imbalanced pH balance

Hand Cream

Your precious hands,
Manage it preciously like your face.

Organic hand cream H1
Working hand cream H2


Bluelight / UV blocker

A blocker that effectively keeps the UV and bluelight away in a natural way.

Body cream lotion

Customized body care for my priceless body

A 4-season body cream lotion that assists in body skin elasticity enhancement

Hand cleanser

That washes off the hands without water

A hand cleanser made with edible ethanol extracted from grains with 0% of heavy metals

Lip balm

That replenishes moisture and nutrients

A balm for lips made healthily in a natural way without any chemical substances

Solutions Y

An external care solution to protect the Y-zone susceptible to contaminations due to the lack of cel

A Y-zone solution made with natural oil fragrances not to stimulate the weak skin without cellular barriers.

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Body cleanser

Preservative-free, synthetic surfactant-free
Solid body cleanser

4 types of body cleansers carefully made with ingredients of the same quality as those used for the face cleansers.

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Cleanser for babies

A healthy cleanser for my baby

Preservative-free, synthetic surfactant-free cleanser for the babies’ faces, bodies, and clothes.

Gift dish washing bar

Are you looking for an uncommon present?

TOUN 28 gift set nicely prepared with items that are suitable as gifts.

Solid cleanser ACC

More convenient and hygienic use
Of the solid cleansers

A scrubbing pad & holder that keep and store the solid cleansers handy and hygienic.